Town Council Agenda

Each month the Town Council prepare an Agenda for the up and coming meeting. Please click the links below to see the Agenda for the meeting indicated.

Any appendices mentioned on an Agenda are available as a paper copy on request unless the document is an except item.

Please note we have limited spaces in our Council Chamber for residents to attend the meeting and you are advised to book in advance. (maximum capacity 15 residents.)


Agenda Ordinary Meeting 12th June 2024

Agenda Annual Public Meeting 29th May 2024

Agenda Annual / Ordinary Council Meeting 8th May 2024

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 10th April 2024

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 13th March 2024

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 14th February 2024

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 10th January 2024

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 13th December 2023

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 8th November 2023

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 11th October 2023

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 13th September 2023

Agenda-Events Committee 17th August 2023 

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 12th July 2023

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 14th June 2023

Agenda Public Meeting 24th May  2023

Agenda Ordinary Council Meeting 17th May 2023

Agenda Annual Council Meeting 17th May 2023

Agenda 19th April 2023

Agenda 15th March 2023

Agenda 15th February 2023

Agenda 18th January 2023

Agenda 14th December 2022

Agenda 16th November 2022

Agenda 19th October 2022

Agenda 28th September 2022

Agenda 20th July 2022

Agenda 15th June 2022

Agenda Annual Public Meeting 25th May 2022

Agenda Ordinary Council Meeting 18th May 2022

Agenda Annual Council Meeting 18th May 2022

Agenda 20th April 2022

Agenda 16th March 2022

Agenda 16th February 2022

Agenda 19th January 2022

Agenda 8th December 2021

Agenda 17th November 2021

Agenda 20th October 2021

Agenda 15th September 2021

Agenda 21st July 2021

Agenda 16th June 2021

Agenda Public Meeting 26th May 2021

Agenda Ordinary Meeting 19th May 2021

Agenda Annual Council Meeting 19th May 2021

Agenda 21st April 2021

Agenda 23rd February 2021

Agenda 17th February 2021

Agenda 28th October 2020

Agenda 8th July 2020

Agenda 18th March 2020

Agenda 3rd March 2020 - Extra Ordinary Meeting

Agenda 19th February 2020

Agenda 15th January 2020












Copies of the full Agenda are kept for one year at the Town Council Office, Whiston Town Hall