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Whiston first appears in recorded history in the 13th century but it is believed its roots go much further back.

Whiston has had several names throughout its history from Quistan(1245), Wystan, Quystan(1278), Whystan, Whytstan, Whyghstan(1292), Quistan(1346) and then finally to Whiston in around 1355.

Whiston Rural District Council was formed under the Local Government Act in 1894 and became Whiston Parish Council in 1974. During this time Whiston operated under Lancashire. Boundaries changed and Whiston became part of the Borough of Knowsley.

The main industries within Whiston were mining, farming and a quarry. These are represented on the Whiston Town Council crest.



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Whiston Town Council Members meet on the third Wednesday of each month except August when there is a summer recess period in the Council Chamber, Whiston Town Hall, Old Colliery Road, Whiston L35 3QX commencing at 7.30pm

The gardens at the Town Hall and the George Howard Centre are now in full bloom and are a credit to the Town Council Staff.

Members have recently supported Whiston Gardening Club in helping towards the cost of gardening workshops and the yearly Whiston In Bloom competition.

Whiston Town Council Members approved a contribution towards the cost of a shuttle bus from Whiston Village to the Knowsley Flower Show and this shuttle bus service is available to residents in both Whiston and Prescot.

S Mayers - Town Clerk - Updated July 2019