Town Council Minutes

Minutes of the three most recent meetings will be entered on this website and will only be available to view after being approved as a true and correct record at full Council.

Minutes 13th March 2024

Minutes Events Committee 13th March 2024

Minutes 14th February 2024

Minutes Events Committee 14th February 2024

Minutes 10th January 2024

Minutes 13th December 2023

Minutes 6th November 2023

Minutes 11th October 2023

Minutes 13th September 2023

Minutes 12th July 2023

Minutes 14th June 2023

Minutes Annual Public Meeting 24th May 2023

Minutes Ordinary Council Meeting 17th May 2023

Minutes Annual Council Meeting 17th May 2023

Minutes 19th April 2023

Minutes 15th March 2023

Minutes 15th February 2023

Minutes 18th January 2023

Minutes 14th December 2022

Minutes 16th November 2022

Minutes 28th September 2022

Minutes 19th October 2022

Minutes 20th July 2022

Minutes 15th June 2022

Minutes Annual Public Meeting 25th May 2022

Minutes Ordinary Council Meeting 18th May 2022

Minutes Annual Council Meeting 18th May 2022

Minutes 20th April 2022

Minutes 16th March 2022

Minutes 16th February 2022

Minutes 19th January 2022

Minutes 8th December 2021

Minutes 17th November 2021

Minutes  20th October 2021

Minutes 15th September 2021

Minutes 21st July 2021

Minutes 16th June 2021

Minutes Annual Public Meeting 26th May 2021

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 19th May 2021

Minutes Annual Council Meeting 19th May 2021

Minutes 21st April 2021

Minutes 23rd February 2021

Minutes 28th October 2020

Minutes 8th July 2020

Minutes Extra Ordinary 3rd March 2020

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 19th February 2020

Minutes Ordinary Meeting 15th January 2020
















The Town Council has records of Minutes for many years at the Town Council Offices, Whiston Town Hall. The minutes are public records and can be seen during office hours by any member of the public.