Highways News updates in Whiston

Please find below the latest information relating to road works / closures in the Whiston area.  All details are relayed to the Town Council from Knowsley Borough Council, Highways and Transportation Section.

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Knowsley Council Junction Improvement Scheme - Windy Arbor Road / Lickers Lane letter

Knowsley Council Junction Improvement Scheme - Windy Arbor Road / Lickers Lane map (image)

Knowsley Council Junction Improvement Scheme - Windy Arbor Road / Lickers Lane map (pdf)



Acting on behalf of local residents, Whiston Town Council Members requested the Town Clerk to write a letter to Knowsley Borough Council Chief Executive Officer, requesting that a full explanation and apology be issued to all those residents who had been severely affected by the recent junction improvement, at the above location.

Please see below the response received from the Chief Executive Officer, M.Harden on 19th May 2022.


Dear Mrs Mayers

I refer to your letter to me dated 1 April 2022 (which I received as acknowledged below on 14 April 2022) advising of a number of issues which Whiston residents have faced in relation to the recent highways works, together with a request from Whiston Town Council for this Council to apologise in writing to those residents affected.

It appears that, despite briefings provided to Whiston Town Council Members, they do not understand that the delays to the highway works were not of this Council’s doing.  The delays arose due to the presence of unmapped British Telecom infrastructure and the fact that British Telecom themselves had to relocate such infrastructure.  It is not Knowsley Council’s responsibility to record accurately where British Telecom place their equipment, and we have no role in that process.  Similarly, Knowsley Council has no power to determine or indeed influence the programming of such works by British Telecom.

As a result, neither the presence of British Telecom equipment, nor the fact that it was unmapped and therefore not anticipated when planning the project, and nor the time taken by British telecom to relocate that equipment were issues caused by Knowsley Council.  While we share the frustrations of residents who have been affected by these issues and recognise that the project has indeed taken longer than anticipated, I hope that the Members of Whiston Town Council will understand from the information which I have provided above that they are therefore asking the wrong organisation to apologise.

Throughout the period of the works, both this Council and our contractors have kept residents informed of progress.  Where possible, we have put measures in place to minimise the impacts.  Specifically, local residents have received the following communications:-


  • March 2021 – A letter and plan informing residents of the proposals and scheme dates;
  • May 2021 – Knowsley Council officers attended a Whiston Town Council meeting to address questions and concerns from local residents over the proposed scheme;
  • July 2021 – A letter from Tarmac confirming the scheme start date, timescales ,and working hours;
  • December 2021 – A letter to residents advising of a delay to the completion of the scheme together with an apology for any inconvenience; and,
  • March 2022 – A letter from Tarmac advising of the dates for final surfacing works and completion of the scheme.

As well as issuing the above general letters to residents, Council officers and Tarmac site teams have both engaged with residents and responded to individual complaints and queries throughout the contract period.  In addition - and as you will be aware - there was also communication between this Council and Whiston Town Council in May, July, September, October, and December 2021 and again in March 2022 in respect of the progress of the scheme.

Given the communication with residents which I have outlined above, the specific reasons and causes of the delays, and the fact that the works are now complete, Knowsley Council does not believe it to be necessary to provide any further communication at this time.

Yours Sincerely

Mike Harden  (He/Him)

Chief Executive

Knowsley Council, Huyton Municipal - Annex - First Floor, Archway Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 9YU