Town Clerk Updates Summer 2022


Summer 2022.

Whiston Town Council, as a governing body, have faced a number of challenges during recent months, in particular towards the end of 2021, when most of our user groups returned to use our facilities.

Staff at Whiston Town Council worked extremely hard to help each group, by providing covid secure environments and completing individual risk assessments, according to their needs and requirements and focusing on those who had been isolated for many months. 

With this. we give our users groups the confidence to know we are doing our best to reduce risks.

We pride ourselves here, at Whiston Town Council, on providing three well maintained, modern Community Centres for the residents of the area. The Multi Use Games Area has recently benefitted from a full rejuvenation and this facility is free to use for school children during the school holidays.  We are responsible for the playground at Foxshaw Close, which again, is a well maintained facility.

We work hard to ensure we provide the very best of facilities for the people within Whiston and strive to always improve on what we do.

Sandra Mayers

Town Clerk