Councillor's Litter Pick

Keeping it Clean -  PLEASE HELP!

Councillor Julie Anne Parker is inviting residents of Whiston to join her to help out with a litter picks in the local area.  If you can help, please meet with Julie Anne at Whiston Town Hall gates at 10.00 a.m.  Future Litter Picks will take place on the third Saturday of each month.


Councillor Julie Anne Parker, former Whiston Town Mayor received a letter from a young resident who was very concerned about the amount of litter being discarded in the local area, and who was keen to do something about it.

Councillor Parker, with the help of former Deputy Mayor David O'Keefe and their two young volunteers, set about arranging two litter picks to help with the clean up, which proved really successful. 

As a result, Councillor Parker is very keen to organise future dates to carry on with the good work.  If you are able to give a couple of hours of your time to help improve your local community, please contact Councillor Parker via Whiston Town Hall office on 0151 430 7200 or email